Theory of Balance with Yuri Marmerstein

Friday, November 13th 7:00 -8:30pm

$40 Workshop – Reserve from the Web Calendar

“This workshop is designed for students who have a solid handstand against the wall and wish to work up to a freestanding handstand.

Topics covered will be:
-Joint preparation
-Refinement of basic alignment and positioning
-How to safely develop the reflex to bail out of a handstand
-Discussion of physical versus psychological restrictions in handstand training
-The process to develop the feeling to be able to control and balance a freestanding handstand”

About Yuri:

“Yuri is a professional acrobat who has performed both on the Las Vegas Strip and on Broadway. He originally comes from a self-taught background.
This gives him a unique insight and perspective into how to learn acrobatic skills as an adult. ”



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