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Our Class Packs can be used for attendance in all Pole and Aerial 1.5 hour classes.

Pole Dance

Poletential LOVES Pole Dance in all forms. This class creates a choreographed dance that incorporates pole combos, dance technique, and beautiful transitions. You will move in a variety of dance styles, from old school sexy, to contemporary, and hip hop! We will help you combine your personal style and strengths with the choreography to optimize your own unique movement quality. Whether you’re working on your next performance or wanting to find your personal style, come learn how to harness the power of music and movement to tell a story and express emotion. No experience necessary, all levels are welcome!

Power Pole

Strength + Sweat = Satisfied, Strong YOU. We have designed this 1.5 hour class as a comprehensive work out that builds strength and stamina in your body while focusing on technique and tricks on the pole. We will build each category of tricks from twirls, climbs, inverts combinations using core exercises, range-of-motion exercises and a lot of POLE. We encourage bare feet for this class.

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A.M. Pole

Our A.M. Pole Fitness and Dance Class is the perfect way to start your day. We use the pole as both a fitness apparatus to build strength and a dance partner to step up our groove! The class will include ab and full body conditioning, pole tricks, floor work, transitions and dance! We customize the class to meet everyone’s fitness goals and there is no experience in pole or dance required. Isn’t it time that a fitness class was FUN?! We warn you, it’s addicting.

Start-Up Pole

This is the best way to get a great dance and fitness workout on the pole for anyone who is just starting to twirl. We specialize in helping you learn the techniques to twirling, climbing, transitional dance moves to build your strength and confidence. We LOVE to share our addiction to pole fitness; join us!


Total Pole

Spend an hour learning all aspects of pole dancing from twirling, climbing and inverting to holds, transitional moves, floor work, dance beginnings and endings. This is a great way to build your repertoire of moves for your own choreography. We will focus on fluidity, flexibility, and strength. Time for a freestyle dance will be available at the end of the class to put together what you have learned.


Tricked-Out Pole

This is our most challenging class. Join us for a fastpaced, high energy one hour workout. We focus on trick techniques and building strength and finesse using the pole for twirls, climbs, inversions, holds, transitions and prep exercises. Each week will include core and pole work. Most challenging does not mean most advanced, but this one will get your heart rate up and your skills built! This class is for those of you who want a challenging, make-you-sweat workout.


Essential Pole

This class will focus on helping you master the moves that are the fundamental building blocks of Pole Dance. This class is intended for all levels, and even the most advanced Pole Dancers will benefit from focusing on cleaning and perfecting their pole repertoire. Having fluidity and control of the foundational skills is essential to gaining the strength and body awareness that will allow you to execute more advanced moves and combos. In this class, you will learn to be confident in your transitions and perfect moves on both sides to become a more well-rounded pole dancer. Come join us to build a stronger base to grow your pole dance journey upon!

Purchase Classes or Class Packs

Class packs may also be used for drop-in aerial.

Pole and Aerial Classes  
Drop In (1.5 hour class)$35
5-Class Pack (use in 60 days)$170
10-Class Pack (use in 90 days)$300
Drop In (1 hour class)$20


Our one hour pole classes are $20 drop in.

Spin Pole

Spin Pole focuses on tricks and transitions using a spinning pole. The class will include instruction on control, fluidity and polish. We recommend this class for those students who have mastery of fundamentals on a static pole including twirl, climb and inversion. If you have questions about your readiness to learn on a spinning pole, contact us.

Purchase 1-Hour Classes

1-Hour Drop-In Pole$20

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