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pole dance, fitness, pilates and aerial art at Poletential
pole dance, fitness, pilates and aerial art at Poletential
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Pricing for Aerial Dance, Lyra, Static Trapeze and all Sky Dancer Classes
Class Packs can also be used for Drop-In Pole Classes (mix and match!)
5-Class Pack
(Use in 60 days)
10-Class Pack
(Use in 90 days)
Private Instruction
1:1 Per Hour
1:2 Per Hour
$50 Each
1:3 Per Hour
$45 Each
1:4 Per Hour
$40 Each
Private Instruction 5-Packs
(Can be used for 5 hours of instruction)
$225 Each
$200 Each
$175 Each
    Private Instruction
    Our instructors are available for private pole, aerial, resistance
    stretch and mind/body conditioning instruction. Please contact us at
    twirl@poletential.com to set up an appointment. Private Instruction is
    by appointment only. We have private instruction one-on-one up to
    one-on-four clients. We also offer private group instruction for a
    minimum of 8.
Private Aerial Instruction

Open Studio Practice
Check out our Calendar. $10 to attend. Open practice is for individuals who have experience aerial
experience. We do not offer instruction during these sessions and request that others do not offer
instruction to those in attendance. Spotting is available. You are responsible for your own warm-
up. Attendees must comply with directions from the studio instructor who is there for safety

Request for training time outside of our schedule is $75 per hour.

Please email twirl@poletential.com if you would like to rig aerial equipment for practice in our studio.
24 hour cancellation ($50 fee if not cancelled with 24 hours notice). By Appointment Only.
Open Studio Practice
Poletential Aerial Fitness
Open Studio Practice
Request for training time outside
of our Open Studio schedule
$75 per hour
If you currently do not have a regular workout routine, we recommend that you start with our Aerial
Interlude or Aerial Start Up Class. The instructors will help you evaluate your readiness to join
Aerial High or Aerial Straps. If you can lift your kness to your chest hanging from your arms, you
are ready for Static Trapeze.
    You will learn dazzling poses, balances, spins, tricks and
    drops on a static trapeze hung above ground. Working at
    your own pace and skill level, you will learn to use the
    trapeze bar and ropes to create dynamic and graceful
    sequences of movements. Beginners will learn basic
    positions, transitions, balances, and poses on and under
    the trapeze bar.  As your strength and ability increase, you
    will learn more advanced tricks and sequences; building a
    repertoire of enthralling, artistic movements that can be
    used to create a static trapeze routine. Classes will include
    warm up, strength training, conditioning, stretching and skill
    building.  You will build strength, flexibility, and confidence,
    and be amazed at what you can do on this thrilling aerial

    Prerequisites: Students should be able to hang their full
    body weight under a bar while holding on with two hands
    for 15 seconds and be able to curl their knees to their
    chest while in a hanging position.
    What to wear: Wear fitted clothing that allows full range of
    motion and covers the backs of your knees. We
    recommend long stretch pants, leggings or tights on
    bottom, and a fitted, stretchy t-shirt that provides back and
    underarm protection on top.

    Static Trapeze Requires Reservation - Go to our
    Calendar to Reserve
For Student Pricing go to our Buy Now page.
Student pricing for youth 6-17 years of age and all age students with a valid student I.D.
Sky Dancer Classes
Aerial Start Up and Aerial High Require the purchase of the Sky
Dancer Pass. See information at the bottom of this page.
Sky Dance Pass**

Poletential charges an annual $60 Registration and Insurance Fee for all students participating in our classes which include
instruction on Aerial Fabric, Aerial Straps and Aerial Rope*.  This fee covers our high aerial safety program, rigging
maintenance as well as liability and accident insurance costs.

Students taking our Sky Dance classes must be 12 years of age or older.

The registration fee is payable upon the attendance of your second class,
workshop, open studio, semi-private or private visit. This is a non-refundable fee.

“Sky Dance” students receive 12 free Open Studio visits per year (A $120 Value).

*Apparatus included as of 2/1/2014. Subject to Change.
** Effective 2/1/2014
Effective February 1, 2014
Sky Dance Pass
Required for "High Aerial" See Below
A.M Aerial Dance and Aerial Dance
Register from our calendar  to get a spot in class.
Start anytime. Drop-ins Welcome.
    AM Aerial Dance and Aerial Dance

    Dance in the Sky! Join us for a great work-out for all levels
    on our wonderful aerial hammock and lyra apparatus. Aerial
    Hammock let's you float in the air creating beautiful lines
    while working on strength building and flexibility. The lyra is
    an aerial hoop which loves to help you create movement
    and poses perfect for dance (and a picture or two!). We will
    focus on skill building while integrating great tricks with
    music that let's your body and soul dance! You will learn
    fundamentals while learning short pieces of choreography
    that let you set what you have learned to music through
    transitional, flow like movement. Absolutely NO experience
    required and we love first timers.

    Wear comfortable close fitting tights and tops. We dance
lyra for poletential
hammock for poletential
janelle for poletential

    This is a great class to begin your aerial training! We work
    on all apparatus including silks. We combine conditioning
    with skill techniques to help you build strength. This is a
    mixed level class where everyone will work based on their
    experience and goals. And, it is FUN! This is a drop-in class
    and you can start anytime.
Aerial Sequencing
Requires Purchase of the Sky Dancer Pass...See Below

    Are you ready to transform your aerial tricks and poses into
    more fluid sequences? In our Aerial Sequencing class, you
    will connect the skills you've already learned with
    transitions and choreography, from the ground to the air.
    Our goal is to build stamina, technique, character and
    refined movement. This is a great class for those of you
    who have been working on your skills and want to take it to
    the next level whether it is performance, musicality or just
    wanting to move on your apparatus with grace and
    intention. If you have been working on your aerial skills and
    are ready to focus on seamlessly transitioning from one
    element to the next in a fluid sequence, join us!
Intro to Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

    This is the perfect class to learn basic skills for entering
    and exiting the hoop, performing poses and lots of
    conditioning with the hoop to build strength as you increase
    your skill set. Please wear close fitting long workout pants
    and top that covers your torso. You will be barefoot and we
    will ask you to remove your jewelry. We love first timers! If
    you can lift your knees to your chest from a position where
    you are holding from your arms, you can easily take this
Aerial Start Up
Requires Purchase of the Sky Dancer Pass...See Below
aerial silks at poletential
silks at Poletential
aerial hoop at poletential

    This class is designed for people with some experience in
    the air. We will work on more complex tricks and spins, use
    of momentum, and smooth transitions with a focus on
    technique and increased strength and flexibility
    conditioning. Students should have a comfortable 10-
    second one-arm hang on each side and be able to pike or
    tuck under the bar without assistance.

Lyra Tricks and Transitions (Aerial Hoop)