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Poletential Pole and Aerial Fitness and Dance
pole dance, fitness, pilates and aerial art at Poletential
pole dance, fitness, pilates and aerial art at Poletential
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December 5th - 7th
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All workshops are co-ed.. All workshops are for all levels except where pre-requisites are noted.
About Heidi Coker

Heidi Coker began pole dancing the summer of 2009. A competitive
gymnast  until the age of 21, athletics were a strong part of her upbringing.
After seeing an episode of “Oprah” showcasing pole dancing and female
empowerment, she was instantly intrigued Enjoying dance, yoga and other
creative outlets for exercise, pole was a perfect match. After poling for a
year, just for fun, she submitted  for a competition and was stunned when
she found out she was accepted!! From there her competitive life in pole
began. Heidi believes pole is a sport where you can play to your strengths,
and a perfect arena for creativity and self expression. She enjoys
challenging herself with new moves and adding acrobatics on and off the

Heidi teaches at Polelateaz in Atlanta.
• 2010 USPDF East Coast 2nd place, and Pro status
• 2011 USPDF Pro finalist
• 2011 APFC Artist of the Year and 3rd place
• 2011 Pole Art finalist: Helsinki, Finland
• 2011 PPS Aerial Tour_ament 3rd place: Hong Kong
• 2012 Aerial Pole Inter_ational, Best trick award: Berne, Switzerland
• 2012 APFC, Artist of the year
• 2013 Pole Art Champion: Helsinki, Finland

Workshops with Heidi:

Interesting Combos
Dare to try something new? This will be a 90 minute workshop in which we
will string together a variety of moves we already know with some new
moves of my choice! After creating our combo series, we will scramble the
moves and rearrange them for a brand new look. This is a great workshop
for tricksters and people looking for some new moves. This is the
beginning of you stepping outside your comfort zone and pushing yourself
to discover your own creative thinking.

In this workshop, let me guide you through an experience with free dance.
We will focus on creating a "feel" for the music using character
development, playing with musicality in a variety of music, and specific
challenges getting you to think outside the pole! We will also take a look at
different moves on the pole and tweak them to make them your "own". Our
main focus in getting "YOU" to be the dancer that you have inside...not just
what you see on youtube!

Floor Play and Floor Transitions
We are taught to go up and down and pole, but what about using the entire
stage and space? This is a big deal to me, allowing your body to use the
entire space, not just to and from the pole. This workshop is designed to
teach movement around the pole and moves completely away from the the

New to Pole
This workshop is designed for those new to pole that have gotten their
invert and have been bitten by the pole bug! In this workshop you will learn
some secrets to success, things that I wished someone taught me from
the start! Such as: grips, lifting secrets, toe pointing exercises, facial
expressions and what to avoid doing!

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area - a melting pot of art
& culture. Though I dabbled in youth gymnastics and a bit of swing dance
and theater, my main passion was always visual art.  I graduated with a
Bachelor's degree in Visual Imaging from The University of California.

At the very end of December 2011, my coworker told me about a pole
class she had been taking that was helping her get in shape and did not
feel like working out at all. Having recently lost my steady rock climbing
partner - the only exercise I could stand, I was looking for other fun fitness
ideas and decided to follow her to my first night of “PoleFitandPlay.”
Thursdays quickly became the highlight of my week as I explored the
dancer hidden inside that had been searching for a way out. The pole
was a dance partner that I could trust and literally lean on for support.

Eventually, I was encouraged to start performing in local student
showcases and burlesque shows. I had become stronger and more
flexible than I had ever imagined. My weekly workout had turned
into an exploration of the limits of the human body and the power of the
relationship between dancer and apparatus to tell a story and evoke

In 2014, I entered my first professional level competition and created a
snake-inspired Bronze medal winning piece at Pacific Pole
Championships that qualified me to compete again at PSO’s U.S.
Nationals. There, I took to the stage as a serial killer with a conscience
and won the first ever Professional Men’s Pole Sport Organization U.S.
National Champion title. That led me to my first international competition
in China at the International Dance Sport Association's World Pole Dance
Championships where I earned another first place title.

Now I am traveling the world and sharing in the love and passion of the
incredible community that pole has helped to create as an instructor,
performer, story teller, and artist.

Workshops with Sean Michael Rau:

Creating Characters
For anyone interested in building routines for showcases, performances,
or competitions.  In this off the pole workshop you will learn about how
you can create a character and choose movement that matches the style
and theme of your piece. We will study some of the best examples from
professional performers and you will leave with tools to start creating on
your own!  

Let’s stay grounded and explore the very interesting space where the
pole meets the floor. Participants will learn about balancing their weight
between two axes - the vertical pole and horizontal floor. We will explore
pole assisted shoulderstands, elbowstands, handstands, and more.

Inverted World
Join me as citizens of the inverted world, where everything is more
interesting upside down. We will discuss inversion fundamentals such
as how to choose the correct grips for each inversion to ensure the
smoothest exit transitions and how to train inversions from descents.  We
will also work on interesting ways to enter aerial handstand positions
(handsprings) from unexpected places.
About Shaina Cruea

2014 United States National Pole Dance Champion. She is known for
combining her unique contemporary dance style with the beauty of fluid
strength and grace.

•2014United States National Pole Champion
•2014 Atlantic Pole Champion 1st Place -Professional Division
•2014 Florida Pole Fitness Championship 3rd Place -Professional
•2013 Super Shag Pole Fitness Championship 2nd Place -Level 3
•2013 United States National Pole Championship 2nd Place -Level 3
•2013 Atlantic Pole Championship 2nd Place -Level 2
Instructor -http://bodyandpole.com

Dance Training
Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, Shaina has studied various forms of
dance for over 25 years. Her professional training began in high school
when she was selected to attend the VA Governors School for the Arts.
After performing in numerous productions, Shaina decided to further her
knowledge of dance and its history by attending Old Dominion University
and obtaining her BA in Dance Performance. While in college, Shaina
continued to hone her technique and performance abilities with Virginia-
based contemporary ballet/modern dance companies from 2004-2009.In
2010, Shaina made the move to NYC in search of new opportunities in
the dance world.

Pole Training
In October of 2012, Shaina took her first pole dance class at Body & Pole
taught by a friend from her high school dance days, Marlo Fisken. She
immediately fell in love with the combination of athleticism and grace and
was selected to participate in the 2013 work/study program at Body &
Pole of NYC. After completing the program, Shaina joined the Body & Pole
staff as an elevatED-certified pole instructor. Known for her "legs for days"
and stylized contemporary pole dance choreography, Shaina shares her
passion through the aerial dance company AERA, her competitive
performances and with her students.

Workshops with Shaina Cruea:

With total body conditioning both on the floor and on the pole, students
will learn how to use their body weight to control the speed of the spin.
This workshop will teach students how to maintain beautiful shapes and
speed, whether right-side-up or in more complicated inverted combos
dependent on the level.

ContemPOLEary DANCE Floor-Work (Off Pole)
Do you have trouble figuring out what to do when you are not on the pole?
Whether you are working on trying to get from one pole to the other or just
want to add some floor work to your repertoire for freestyle purposes, this
is the workshop for you!! It will start with a 30-minute warm-up including
some across the floor shoulder rolls of different variations and dive into a
full-fledged contemporary dance floor workshop. (students are
encouraged to bring pants/leg warmers/socks to this workshop)

ContemPOLEary DANCE FLOWS (On Pole)
All too often contemporary pole pieces leave the contemporary movement
only on the floor. This workshop will start with a contemporary dance-
based warm-up, including across the floor movement, followed by ways
to enhance your pole work with fresh, stylized contemporary dance
movement. Students will learn techniques to make all components of a
pole piece (dance, floor-work, pole work) stay consistent and seamless
in transition throughout so that your entire pole piece is a contemporary
dance experience. (this is not a choreography based class but students
will learn contemporary flows on the pole and on the floor)

THE THREES’s –Shaina’s Spins on Static
Get those callouses ready or prepare to build thicker ones! This
workshop will start with conditioning to develop and prepare the body for
the core strength you will need to make these spins look powerful yet
effortless, followed by a focus on getting the most revolutions possible
out of advanced static spins. You'll learn how to create dynamic rotation
with seamless transitions in and out, from the pole to the floor and back
up again!
About Oliver

Beginning his career in the Circus at the Circus Center in SF 2007, Oliver
has been fortunate to travel to such places like London, Amsterdam,
Berlin and Rome to teach & perform.  His flow movement on the Lyra
allows for graceful entrances and exits throughout each movement of
power & flexibility.  Recently moving to New York he has become one of
the Aerial Instructor at Body&Pole for Lyra and Fabric.  Along with his time
there he has taken up Pole Dancing to combine his aerial movement with
his new found duet partner which has led him to a 2nd Place win for Pole
Classic at Pole Expo 2014 and a 3rd Place regional win for PSO APC


Workshops with Oliver Pavick:

Release Your Inner Demons (Aerial Expression and Movement)
Description: A workshop to unlock your inner emotions and help you
connect better to any music that is presented to you.  We will be going
through several group/solo exercises to release your soul.  Connecting
yourself to your piece.  Developing your character through past
emotions and fine tuning it with a clean simple thought to translate
onto the Pole, Fabric, Lyra or Floor. We will be creating flow movement
to allow you to have pieces to work off of through the workshops

Beyond Your Limits (Stretch)
Description: Extend into your outer reaches.  Focused on creating a
routine to prepare yourself for deep stretching and extension.  Tips and
Tricks to reach your goals for flexibility.  Covering Partner stretching along
with ways to get deeper into a stretch by yourself.  A section of this
workshop is dedicate to creating your extension in your legs for those
beautiful lines.

The Sweet Spot (Dynamic Lyra Poses)
Passing through that threshold to hold & sit comfortably in various
positions that may make you wonder, "How do they do that!"  We will be
discussing and applying techniques to train your body for strength and to
place yourself smoothly into skills such as a Back Breaker, Back
Planche, Heel Hang, Toe Hang & Neck Hang.  We will also be going over
transitions of getting in and out of these positions.

Outer Diameter (Outside the Box Transitions)
Release yourself from just using the inside of your hoop to lounge.  
Taking you to the outside of the hoop to experiment with ways of how to
move from one transition to another to utilize your metallic friend as a
duet partner.  Think of it like a dance.

Like A Feather (Lyr'ography)
An exploration of free flow movement from the floor to the air.  Designed
from the very beginning to help choreograph miniature routines.  All warm
up movements in this workshop will lead to a final routine that students
will be to use to improve their flow.