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It is always a party at Poletential!

    Private group instruction is a great way to try Pole or Aerial Hammock for the first time! We
    call it a party not matter the occasion! So, grab your friends and set up a 1.5 hour of fun and

    POLE Parties and Group Instruction

    We LOVE teach private groups of women! Women love to celebrate occasions at Poletential
    (i.e. Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties...) but they also love a girl's night or day out! Our pole
    "party" includes a floor warm up, pole tricks and transition with plenty of time to dance! We
    even have heels for everyone (optional, of course). Pole parties are for a minimum of 8
    ladies and a maximum of 20. Our parties are $40 per woman.

    AERIAL HAMMOCK Parties and Group Instruction

    Our beautiful Aerial Hammocks are a great way to celebrate, team build or try something new
    with your friends. Instruction includes a warm up, strengthen and stretching using the Aerial
    Hammock and some fun Aerial Poses in the hammock. We end with a traditional "Cocoon"
    which transforms your body and mind to a relaxed, new you! Aerial Hammock Parties are for
    a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12. Aerial Hammock instruction can be enjoyed by both
    men and women. Our parties are $40 per person.

    KIDS Parties

    We love customizing kid's parties! We use the aerial apparatus (mostly the hammocks)
    depending on the group size and age of the kids. We accommodate from 8 - 12 kids. It is $40
    per person for a 1.5 hour party, an additional $10 per person if we add an extra half hour for
    crafts or additional activity.


    Email us at party@poletential.com or call us at (650)274-4640
Poletential Pole and Aerial Fitness and Dance
pole dance, fitness, pilates and aerial art at Poletential
pole dance, fitness, pilates and aerial art at Poletential
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