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Aerial with Brenna Bradbury
Body & Pole NYC

Sunday, June 14th

About Brenna

Brenna Bradbury
is a 200-hour yoga alliance certified instructor who teaches all levels of aerial
silks, lyra, and hammock at Body and Pole, Aerial Arts NYC, The Muse, and Om Factory, and
yoga at Atmananda Yoga Studio.  She has performed as an aerialist and dancer with
ImaginAerial, Phoenix Entertainment, Cirque Central, Smash Entertainment, AERA, The Seduction
of the Scorpion Queen, and at venues such as The Slipper Room, Galapagos Art Space, The
House of Yes, The Santa Monica Pier, and at Hershey Park. She recently won second place in the
Silks Division for the U.S. Aerial Championships.  

Aerial Silks Tricks and Drops
10:30am - 12:
00pm  $40   RESERVE

Aerial Silks Tricks and Drops  This is a 90-minute workshop that will focus on dynamic movement
within the apparatus.  This workshop is for the intermediate to advanced level student who is
looking to add an element of excitement to their aerial silks training or routine.  We will explore a
variety of variations on locked drops, s-wraps and windmills, and open drops.   Required Skills:  
Inverting in the air, successful cross-back straddle, and clean hip key in the air.

Hammock Fluidity
As taught at Body & Pole NYC
12:30 - 2:00pm  $40  

This is an all level class (including beginners) where you will focus on flexibility, core conditioning,
arm strength and body awareness to execute aerial skills and tricks in a fabric hammock. Te class
will teach static moves and individual tricks but then you will learn to create a flow between those
poses and tricks to create beautiful sequences. As you advance you r art of building transitions
and utilizing all the space between floor and ceiling, this class will focus on musicality, body
alignment, finding your won style and improving your quality of movement.

As taught at Body & Pole NYC
2:15 - 3:45pm  $40  

Using the aerial hoop (lyra) as a partner and apparatus, this class allows you to explore the
possibilities of manipulating and moving with, on, in through and around the lyra to expand you
vocabulary and range of motion. Heightened focus will be on the strength and flexibility to include
grace, style an action by changing heights, planes and other partnerships with the lyra.

Requirement: Must be comfortable with one aerial apparatus
(silks, hammock, lyra, pole, trapeze ...etc. )