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You ROCK Classes

Performance/Competition/Choreographed Dance Training – You ROCK Class!
As a Pole Sport Organization official Training Center, Poletential is proud to boast a great
instructor team to help students meet their performance and competition goals (even if their goal
is to choreograph and video a routine that no one but them will see!). We will be taking a few
Sundays a month to offer special classes to address the needs of those of you in training. We will
post the main focus of the class which will vary from trick runs, transitions, spin pole, moving from
static to spin, putting the dance into the routine, choreography techniques and much more. Our
instructors will have set repertoire, but will also make time to answer questions and coach each of
the students on their individual routines. This is open to ALL levels and geared towards those of
you who maybe just thinking about someday getting on stage…

October 19th 4:00 -5:30pm $35 or Pack Class
w/Tiffany - focus on tricks/transitions static/spin

November 9th 4:00 - 5:30pm $35 or Pack Class
w/Tiffany - focus on tricks/transitions static/spin

More dates coming soon...
We are counting down to Pacific Pole Championship held in Los Angeles February 28th - March
1st. Poletential is a Pole Sport Organization Official Training Center.

Think you might want to get on stage? Have questions? Email us at twirl@poletential.com or ask
any of our instructors. ANYONE can compete for the first time. There are a range of levels and
categories that make a fun, rewarding experience.

Poletential puts together a ton of ways to support competitors. Keep checking back here for more
info and ask to join our YOU ROCK YOUR POLETENTIAL Facebook Group.

Check back here for dates/times to join your fellow competitors to do some pole jamming,
support one another and run your routines.
Open Studios

Poletential has Open Studio time on the calendar for you to practice and run your routines. It is
a $10 drop-in. Check our
calendar for the time/dates.
INFO Session with PSO

Poletential will host an online info session with PSO to get all of your questions answered. Check
back on this page or in our FB YOU ROCK YOUR POLETENTIAL for date/time.
Private Instruction

All of the Poletential instructors are available for private instruction to help you with your
routines. They welcome you sharing your private instruction time with other competitors. Just
ask and we can get it set up. Instructors include: Tiffany, Jessica, Amber, Sean Michael,
Jessica, Karri, CK and Megan.
Weekly Classes

The following weekly classes will help you in your training for competition and you can request
specific help from the instructor which can be worked into the class repertoire.

Spin/Static Pole Conditioning, Spin Pole, Contemporary Pole, Tricked Out Pole, AM Pole and
Power Pole.

This is our closed Facebook Group geared to keeping you informed, encouraged and support.
Ask to join!